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Full text of "The Morphology And Evolution Of The Apes And Man"

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Mar.                         Chlmpanzea ( 43 j                              Gorilla
Superior prof ua da  \ Superior prof unda (S.P.A.)   Profunda brachii Inferior        ,,          Muscular   to   the   fiexor   Posterior collateral
muscles pi.A.) Nutrient  ..        ... Arteries    to      brachialis   Radial collateral
|    anticus (Br.A.)
Anastomocic       ..! Arteries to biceps (Bi.) ..   Superiorulnarcollateral Radial      ..        .. [Articular to   the   elbow   Middle        ,,         ,,
:   joint (Art.A.) Ulnar        ..        ..   Arteries to the flexors of   Inferior       „         ,,
i    the forearm (superficial and deep) (D.F.: S.F.M.)
—                Arteries to the extensors of  Superior ulnar recurrent ;    the wrist (Ext. MA.)
—                 Radial recurrent (K.R. A.)                   —
—                Anterior  interosseous                   —
—                Radial artery (B.A.)      ..                    —
—                Ulnar arterjr (U.A.)       ..                    —
The Radial Artery (,fig. 43) may be superficial or deep. It is divisible into three parts as in Han—a part in the forearm, a part on the trapezium, and apart in the hand. The branches in the Chimpanzee differ in several ways from those in Man, as can be seen from the following
table :—
Man                             I                    Chimpanzee (flg. 43)
Part I.
Radial recurrent Superficialis voice Anterior radial carpal Muscular
Part I.
Superficialis volse (S.T.A.) Anterior radial carpal (A,B.C.A,) Muscular to the superficial flexors Muscular to  the supinator brevis.
Pare II.                                          Part II.
Dorsal carpal arteries (D.G.B.) Muscular to the first dorsal inter-osseous (D.L3I.)
Part III.
Raditilis iadicis Princep?. pollicis
Part III. To thenar muscles (T.A.) To first dorsal interosseous muscle To adductor muscles To lumbricales
To contiguous sides of pollez and index